Tree Care That Anchorage Needs Offered at a Fair Price

Tree Care in Anchorage - What's Brought You to Anchorage Tree Service?

Whatever your tree care needs are, we have a suitable answer.

Whatever your tree care needs are, we have a suitable answer.

Anchorage Tree Service has been providing top-notch, proven, and reasonably priced tree care in Anchorage for decades! We have seen landscapes in all types of conditions. Now, we know, after a quick but thorough assessment, what to do. You won't be left wondering or waiting. We keep you informed and answer all of your questions.

Along the way, if you have concerns about the tree care services you're getting, please ask! As a locally owned and operated tree care company, we have time to sit and discuss everything in detail.

When you're ready to make those diseased, dying, or questionable trees thrive, reach out to us for your complimentary, no-cost quote.

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Industry Leading Tree Care in Anchorage 

Tree Trimming - Tree Care in Anchorage to Budget For

When's the last time you had your tree trimming in Anchorage done? Experts say it should be taken care of every three to five years at max. If it's been that long, or like we see in most cases, a more extended period, you need to reach out to us.

Tree trimming services by our pros ensure your trees stay healthy, robust, and beautiful for many years to come. Let us know what type of trees you have when you call, and we will give you honest answers about when it's time for us to come and assist you.

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Tree Pruning Puts Your Trees Where They Need to Be

Did you know that you could actually kill a very healthy tree if you overdo it when tree pruning in Anchorage? That's the last thing you want and something we are devastated to see happen. However, knowing when and how to do your tree pruning is a skill. Luckily, our experienced arborists have it.

Depending on the type of tree and the season, your tree may need to be pruned a few times or not at all. If you're unsure about what to do, give us a call. We will come and evaluate what you have and give you the facts about what to do next.

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Tree Shaping is Tree Care for Anchorage's Sophisticated Lawns

Have you ever seen firsthand what a pro tree shaping in Anchorage does for the overall aesthetics of a property? It's incredible! Trees are supposed to be shaped and formed routinely. It's how they stay looking healthy, vibrant, and natural. Our team knows how to shape trees to be both gorgeous and unique.

We are fully licensed and insured in the state of Alaska. That means in the rare chance something happens, we cover the cost. When you speak with our specialists about your tree care in Anchorage needs, find out all the specifics.

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Planting & Transplanting - Where Do You Want Your Trees?

Planting and transplanting trees on Anchorage properties can only be done at a particular time. There isn't much of a window when you can strike the ground, and it's soft with the local weather conditions. However, we have heavy-duty equipment that breaks right through frozen dirt so you can have your trees planted at the proper time.

Do you have trees that have outgrown the space they're currently in? That doesn't mean you have to deal with it or eradicate the tree. We can put it somewhere more fitting with your approval. Find out your options and call now.

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Shrub Trimming by Anchorage Tree Care Experts

There's barely enough time in your life now, and shrub trimming in Anchorage is not at the top of your list of things to do. Unfortunately, the longer you put off your tree trimming demands, the worse off you'll be. So instead, you can get on our routine maintenance plan. Then, we will show up at regular intervals to make sure they are in tip-top shape!

If you want us to hold off, we can skip a week or two. All you have to do is give us a call. Our prices are fair, though, so there's nothing for you to worry about when it comes to the cost of professional shrub trimming. Contact our crew now!

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Cabling & Bracing - Keep That Tree Right Where it Is!

With the weather conditions in Anchorage, cabling and bracing trees is a service we do a ton of. First, the winds, snow, and other elements wreak havoc on landscapes. Then, trees start falling and become a hazard to people, buildings, and other surroundings. You can't put your family or property at risk!

Our expert tree technicians will assess the toppling tree and determine how to cable it or brace it. With our assistance, your tree will remain in the upright position where it should be. Please request a FREE quote from qualified tree arborists by reaching out to our customer care team.

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Tree Disease Treatment is Easier Than What You Think

Did you know that there are severe disruptions in phloem tissue happening to trees all over Alaska? Unfortunately, it's killing off the few tree species we have left. However, you can do your part and get a tree disease specialist over to your property to help!

We will formulate a plan to save your trees now and into the future. Our work comes with a 100% satisfaction GUARANTEE and WARRANTY for services provided. So if something doesn't work, let us know. We will go and check it out at no extra charge.

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See what our customers have to say:
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"I began attempting to tackle a tree removal project on my property and let's just say it was not my forte. I called Anchorage Tree Service, explained the situation, and their crew was at my place within a few hours. They completed the large tree removal, tree cutting so I could use the lumber, and stump grinding. You'd never know a tree was there! Appreciate the fast services!"
- Adam L.

Our Anchorage, AK Areas Served

Are you in or around Anchorage, Alaska, and looking for quality tree care, tree removal, land clearing, or other tree services? Then, you're in luck! We are gladly serving all of our local service areas. In addition, we're in the position to travel to you wherever you are. Just reach out to request a free assessment and price quote. We can't wait to hear from you!

Tree Experts in Anchorage Providing First-Rate Tree Care, Tree Removal, and More!

Anchorage Tree Service has the ultimate selection of tree care services in all of Anchorage. Don't settle for less than the best. We're fully licensed and insured! Call us at (907) 308-2878
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