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Tree Service in Anchorage with 20+ Years Experience

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"I began attempting to tackle a tree removal project on my property and let's just say it was not my forte. I called Anchorage Tree Service, explained the situation, and their crew was at my place within a few hours. They completed the large tree removal, tree cutting so I could use the lumber, and stump grinding. You'd never know a tree was there! Appreciate the fast services!"
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Anchorage Tree Service - Increasing Property Values & The Quality of Our Alaskan Environment at the Same Time!

Tree Services for Anchorage

Large, small, and fallen tree removal
Emergency tree removal
Root removal and stump grinding

Tree Care & More

Tree trimming, tree pruning, and shaping
Tree cabling & bracing
Tree disease treatment keeps your trees alive

Tree Experts to Rely On

Our company has two decades of experience
Services for residential and commercial

The Anchorage Tree Service Pros Are Excited To Show You What We Can Do

You can tell that we're passionate about tree service in Anchorage because we get excited about making things happen. It's not just punching a clock to earn a paycheck for our crew. Anchorage Tree Services' arborists work in the tree cutting service because we love the environment and making it look beautiful.

We believe in honesty and transparency, and we always keep our clients informed of what's happening. You can rest assured that we will never make a move on your property doing something you haven't approved of. 

The price points we have are reasonable, and our tree removal company continuously offers specials and discounts. The helpful customer service department will inform you of what we have available.

Commercial tree service in Anchorage and residential tree care are what we know and love. Meet our crew and learn what we can do to help boost curb appeal!

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Tree Services in Anchorage Enhance Curb Appeal

Do you want to make sure your home or business looks well kept and inviting at all times? Get in touch with our tree experts today to start the process of beautifying your property.

Efficient Tree Removal

Would a tree removal in Anchorage free up some lawn and make your exterior more appealing? Find out how we can get the job done in a fraction of the time it would take you to do it alone.

Modern Tree Care

You don't necessarily have to remove trees that are in rough shape. We have a plethora of tree care options that help in bringing them back to life. Talk with our arborists about your alternatives.

Total Land Clearing

Land clearing in Anchorage is a massive undertaking. Anchorage Tree Service has a yard of heavy-duty machinery and a team of tree experts that clear properties with meticulous attention to the details.
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How Our Tree Service in Anchorage Works

Knowing what will happen during your local tree service in Anchorage takes away some of the stress and anxiety before we arrive. Here's a quick glance at what to expect when we show up.

Step 1


When you know that you want something done in terms of tree services, your first step is scheduling an estimate with our professionals. We will show up on time and do a complete evaluation. You will be given a list of options at varying price points. There's something for every need and budget.
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Step 2


If our arborists think that tree care can be beneficial to the trees on your lot, we will discuss tree disease treatment, tree pest control, tree injections, and bracing and tree cabling in Anchorage. Before you get too ready to cut down a tree that can be saved, let us take a closer look.
Step 3


Together we will review what you've decided is best for your personal situation regarding your tree service choices. We outline all the charges, and we never tack on anything extra after the job is done. There's no pressure and no obligation. Call now to get your project in motion.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you are paying someone to do something, you may have questions about what you're getting. Here are our tree experts' answers to some of the most common questions about tree services in Anchorage. Still have unanswered questions about your tree service? Check out our tree service blog for more information.

How much does a tree service cost?

The price of a tree service in Anchorage is going to vary depending on what you want. Large tree removal, for example, is a much different price than small tree trimming. Get a quote that's detailed and customized by scheduling an estimate for FREE with our crew.

How do you do small tree removal?

Small tree removal in Anchorage is more straightforward than large tree removal. We dig around the stump and expose the roots before cutting it all away. Our machinery helps with pulling out the tree and completing root removal if requested.

Is it cheaper to cut down trees in the winter?

Some tree removal companies charge less to cut down trees in the winter because it's easier to cut in the dormant season. There are fewer hours and labor costs required, making the final price cheaper. Find out what our current rates are by contacting the office.

Our Exceptional Tree Removal Services in Anchorage

Are you curious about which tree removal service in Anchorage suits your needs? We review each of them briefly here for you to check out. After you do, reach out to our team to go over the ones you're interested in. We're always here to answer questions and clear up concerns so you can make an informed decision.

Tree Cutting in Anchorage That's Safe & Efficient

Do you know how to operate a chainsaw safely? Can you do all the tree cutting on your property with efficiency? Unless you've had training or experience in the tree industry, it's a project that you should call in the experts for. It keeps you out of risk for injury, and it saves a bunch of time.

We will be in and out of your property in no time. All you have to do is let us know what works with your schedule when you call to make an appointment for your trees.
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tree root removal - tree service in Anchorage

Tree Root Removal Could Save You From Expensive Home Repairs!

Do you have tree roots that are growing out of control? Even though you can't see them frequently, it's what you can't see that causes the most damage. A tree root removal in Anchorage could prevent thousands of dollars in damage to your structure and property.

These robust root systems lead to foundation issues, can upheave sidewalks and driveways, and may even result in broken water or sewage pipes. Let a certified arborist do an evaluation and inform you of what should happen to keep your money in the bank where it belongs.
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Limb & Branch Removal in Anchorage - And You Don't Have to Lift a Finger

Some of the tree care specialists will do a tree branch removal in Anchorage, but they want you to do the heavy lifting. Paying for a service like this should always include an all-inclusive job. We don't ask you to gather any fallen limbs or branches because our hard working crew does it for you.

We bring our equipment to carry away the limbs and branches or chop them up in the wood chipper right on site. Trust that our attentive tree work team won't leave a single branch behind! We're the certified professionals you need.
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chipping limbs and branches tree service in Anchorage AK
tree stump removal machinery in Anchorage

Stump Removal & Stump Grinding at Various Price Points for Every Budget

We hear that people don't get their stump removal in Anchorage service because of the cost. It's definitely a specialized project, so other tree service companies charge a tremendous amount to have the work done. We want everyone to have access to this kind of service, so we offer various levels:

  • Complete stump removal, stump grinding, and cleanup
  • Stump grinding alone
  • Stump removal with no cleanup
  • Tree stump with tree root removal
  • And more

Call to speak with our customer care team about the budget you have for your tree service in Anchorage, and we will help you decide what's most economical for your situation.


Shrub Removal, Hedge Trimming, & Shrub Trimming That Turns Heads

You can put every dollar you have into your exterior landscaping, but without the proper shrub trimming and other tree care, it will soon become nothing more than an eyesore requiring shrub removal. 

Overgrown shrubs can be replanted or shaped into exactly what they're supposed to be with the help of our tree experts. No time? No tools? No ability? No problem! Just point us to your shrubs and hedges, and our dedicated crew will handle the rest. We're rated #1 in Anchorage for tree care services.
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trimming hedges and shrub removal in Anchorage
contractor doing commercial tree service in Anchorage AK

Commercial Tree Services for Anchorage Business Locations & Industrial Sites

You want to make the most out of your company, and commercial tree service in Anchorage is part of an appealing image. We have worked with every business type, from apartments and hospitals to restaurants, schools, and manufacturing locations.

Not only will your building be more inviting, but you're also increasing the value at the same time. It's an investment that's undoubtedly worth every penny. Take a look at our previous tree work, and then call us to discuss what you have in mind.


Get in Touch for Tree Service - Anchorage, AK & Beyond

As one of the few locally owned and operated companies for professional tree service in Anchorage, AK, we're happy to drive to regions around our physical business address. Check out our Anchorage service areas, and then reach out if you believe you should be included.

We give you personal attention and fair prices that you won't find with the larger corporations. We're eager to assist you today and with all of your future tree care needs!

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Anchorage Tree Service That Brings Out the Natural Beauty of Your Landscaping

Consult with our arborists about your tree care, tree removal, and land clearing ideas. We will work with you to show you the full potential of your property. Call us at (907) 308-2878
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